water [wôt′ər, wät′ər]
[ME < OE wæter, akin to Ger wasser < IE * wodōr < * wed-, to wet (< base * awed-, to moisten, flow) > Gr hydōr, water, L unda, a wave, Russ voda, water, Ir uisce, water]
1. the colorless, transparent liquid occurring on earth as rivers, lakes, oceans, etc., and falling from the clouds as rain: chemically a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, H2O, it freezes, forming ice, at 0°C (32°F) and boils, forming steam, at 100°C (212°F)
2. water in a specified form or amount, or occurring or distributed in a specified way, or for a specified use, as drinking or washing
3. [often pl.]
a) a large body of water, as a river, lake, or sea
b) the part of the sea contiguous with a specified country, land mass, etc. or the parts away from this [international waters]
c) any area in a body of water [the noisy waters at the rapids]
d) the liquid substance of a body of water [the pond's still waters]
4. water with reference to
a) its depth [ten feet of water at the dam]
b) its displacement [a boat that draws six feet of water]
c) its surface [above water, under water]
d) its level in a sea, river, etc. [high water, low water]
6. [pl.] the water of mineral springs [to take the waters at Saratoga]
7. any body fluid or secretion, as urine, saliva, tears, or gastric and pancreatic juices; specif.,
a) the fluid surrounding the fetus in pregnancy; amniotic fluid
b) a watery fluid retained abnormally [water on the knee]
8. a solution of any substance in water [mineral water, ammonia water]
a) the degree of transparency and luster of a precious stone as a measure of its quality [a diamond of the first water]
b) degree of quality or conformity to type [an artist of the first or purest water]
10. a wavy, lustrous finish given to linen, silk, rayon, etc., or to a metal surface
11. a watercolor painting
12. Finance
a) a valuation wrongfully given to the assets of a business in excess of their real value
b) an issue of capital stock which brings the face value of all the stock issued by a business to a figure higher than the actual value of its assets: now prohibited by SEC regulations
[ME wateren < OE wæterian < the n.]
1. to supply with water; specif.,
a) to give (animals) water to drink
b) to give water to (soil, crops, etc.) by sprinkling, pouring, or irrigating
c) to bring water to (land): said of a river, canal, etc.
d) to put water on by sprinkling, hosing, etc.; soak or moisten with water: often with down
e) to add water to so as to weaken; dilute [to water the milk]
2. to give a wavy luster to the surface of (silk, etc.)
3. Finance to issue (stock) so as to add illegally to the total face value without increasing assets to justify this valuation
1. to fill with tears: said of the eyes
2. to secrete or fill with saliva [his mouth watered at the sight of the roast]
3. to take on a supply of water
4. to drink water: said of animals
1. of or having to do with water
2. in or on water [water sports]
3. growing in or living on or near water [water plants, water birds]
a) operated by water [a water wheel]
b) derived from running water [water power]
5. containing water or fluid [a water blister]
6. prepared with water, as for thinning or hardening
by water
by ship or boat
hold water
1. to contain water without leaking
2. to remain sound, consistent, or logical, with no breaks or weaknesses [an argument that doesn't hold water]
3. to keep a boat at a standstill by holding the oars steady in the water
like water
lavishly; freely: said of money spent, etc.
make someone's mouth water
to create a desire or appetite in someone; be or seem tasty
make water
1. to urinate: also pass water
2. to take in water, as through a leak: said of a boat, etc.
test the waters or test the water
to explore a possible course of action; approach initially
water down
to weaken the potency or effectiveness of
water under the bridge or water under the over the dam
something not worth reexamining because it is in the past and finished

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, , , / (for drink), , , , / (as cloth, to give it an undulating or wavy appearance)

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